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A Colossal Blossom

Electric String Quartet,
Effects, Synthesizer, and looper

Mohammad H. Javaheri & Marta Pang

TouchDesigner Challenge
Day 183

Remutaion IV & V_Revised

for Orchestra & Electronics (Live Record)

Serotonin Saturation

Bass Flute Solo and Electronics

Devenir fou par amour

Ensemble (Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc, D.B)

Unison II, DBMMS

Duo for Viola and Bass Clarinet

De Novo Remutations

Five Miniatures, for Orchestra & Electronics


Ensemble (Fl, Cl, Perc, Hp, Live Electronics)

Obsession_Revised 2018

String Quartet

Anonymous Wrinkles

Experimental Orchestra, Typewriters & Narrator (21 Experimental Instruments (including processed voices)

“De Novo Remutations” for the Bauhaus movie “Reflektorische & Farblichtspiele”_Trailer

for Orchestra and Electronics

“Anonnymous Wrinkles”_Live Performance

for Digital Orchestra & Narrator


for Ensemble & Electronics (Uzbek Nay/Alto Nay, Oboe, Uzbek Chang, Uzbek Tanbur/Sato, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc, Live Electronics)


for Ensemble & Electronics (Uzbek Nay/Alto Nay, Oboe, Uzbek Chang, Uzbek Tanbur/Sato, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc, Live Electronics)

Monologues of My Pillow

Fixed Tape


Ensemble (Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc)

The Distance Between me & My..self

Duo for Flute & Bassoon

Loosing Time

Improvisation: Piano and Live Electronics
Mohammad H. Javaheri
Amin Sharifi
Javier Trabalón Ruiz

Anonymous Wrinkles

21 Experimental Instruments (including processed voices), 1 Narrator.
Live Performance Record

Encountering Re-encounter

Fl, B. Cl, Perc, Hp, and Electronics

Serotonin Saturation

B Fl. & Electronics (Fixed Tape)

“Serotonin Saturation”_Trailer

for Solo Bass Flute & Electronics


for ensemble

Members of – Rundfunkorchester:

Permanent members:
Konrad Behr, Laura Anh Thu Dang, Leon Goltermann, Lefteris Krysalis, Mohammad H. Javaheri, Benjamin Vossler, Markus Westphal

Returning members:
Michal Fischer, Jan Glöckner, Marko Hörschelmann, Vivien Mercedes Jester, Johann Mittmann, Janine Müller, Luca Schepers, Benjamin Serdani, Andreas von Stosch, Phillip Waltinger, Anton Worch

Guests included:
Anja Erdmann, Silke kleine Kalvelage, Martin Hirsch, Margarete Kiss, Steffen Koritsch, Tilman Pätzold, Denis Polec, Hanne Römer, Philipp Schmalfuß, Peter Strickmann, Keno Westhoff, Evgenija Wassilew

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Performers of this video:
Konrad Behr, Leon Goltermann, Mohammad H. Javaheri, Markus Westphal

Video/Audio edit:
Mohammad H. Javaheri

About – Rundfunkorchester:

With the approach of setting a counterweight to the formatted programming of established radio stations, the broadcasts uncontrolled sounds into stream and ether. Only loose agreements regarding the sound material as well as their use in time, are agreements that guarantee a uniqueness of the performance at every performance: always new, always fresh. Since 2017, the consists of activists of the experimental radio station as well as alumni of the Bauhaus University Weimar. Inspired by the participation in the radio art festival Radio Revolten 2016 (Halle) as well as in the live program “SAVVY Funk” (Berlin) as part of the dokumenta14 radio project (2017), the group has been working on their own live improvisations since the beginning of 2017. One of the constants of the performance is the inclusion of the inherent sound of the place as well as the instruments and objects used. Recording or broadcasting begins with entering the space, including the setup of the setup. Thus, electronic instruments such as drum machines and computers, become sound generators even before electricity begins to flow through them. Everything is allowed as an instrument or sound generator: soundscapes, voices, oscillators, live streams, samplers, effects units … In over 30 recordings of the live radio concerts at as well as in recordings of concerts in Cologne, Dresden and Halle, the sonic diversity of the material used as well as the use of unconventional sound generators becomes apparent.

Cover Paintings by Zoheir Javaheri