List of Works

Work in Progress:


Present in Past” | Vocal Ensemble_[AuditivVokal Dresden]

“Transcultural Field Recording” | Fixed Media [Proposal for Art Residency Weimar for a 50 Minutes Fixed media Composition with a possibility of making an Installation]

Cycles in Cycle” | Ensemble_Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Voice_[Loadbang Ensemble]

a|mnesias” | Solo_Uzbekistan’s Chang and Electronics_[Rakhshav Tukhtamishev]

Dialogue in the Mirror”, for Solo Trumpet_[Philippe Brunet] (tbc)



The Blue Convo”, for Double Bass and fixed tape (based on TPS -Transcultural Field Recordings)_[Margarethe Maierhofer‐Lischka] / + 15 min

Artschon“_Trailer Soundtrack / + 1.5 min

A ‘The’”, for Fl, Cl, Synth, Vln, D.B_[Hashtag Ensemble] / + 9 min


A Colossal Blossom”, for Electric Quartet, Effects, Synthesizers and loopers_[Neo Electric Quartet] / + 11 min


Encountering Re-encounter”, for Ensemble_Fl, Cl, Perc, Hp and Electronics_[Ensemble Adapter] / + 8 min

Serotonin Saturation”, for Bass Flute and Electronics_[Electronics: Francisco Javier Trabalón Ruiz_Flute: Carin Levine] / 8:42 min

Remutation IVIIV”, for Orchestra_2.2.2.2,, Timp, Perc, / + 9 min

Unison II (The Distance Between Me & My..Self_Recomposed)”, for Viola & Bass Clarinet_[XX Jahrhundert Ensemble] / + 5 min | Composed in 2017, Rework in 2020


Devenir fou par amour (Sheid/V2)“, for Ensemble_Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc, D.B_[Cikada Ensemble] / + 12 min

De Novo Remutations (Revised)”, for Orchestra & Electronics_,, Timp, 2 Perc, Hp,[Electronics: William Amsler_Orchestra: SWR Symphony Orchestra] / + 17 min

Anonymous Wrinkles”, for Experimental Orchestra_21 Experimental Instruments including processed voices, 4 Typewriters & Narrator_[Digital Bauhaus Orchestra] / + 9 min

De Novo Remutations”, for Orchestra & Electronics_2.2.2.2,, Timp, 2 Perc,[Electronics: William Amsler_Orchestra: MDR Symphony Orchestra] / 16:48 min

Unison (The Distance Between Me & My..Self_Recomposed)”, for Viola & Tenor Sax_[Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska & Wojciech Psiuk] / + 5 min | Composed in 2017, Rework in 2019

Sheida”, for Ensemble and Live Electronics_Uzbek Nay/Alto Nay, Oboe, Uzbek Chang, Uzbek Tanbur/Sato, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc, Live Electronics_[Live Electronics: Philipp Schamlfuß_Ensemble: Omnibus Ensemble] / + 11 min


Obsession (Revised)”, for String Quartet_[NeoQuartet] / + 11 min

Unbounded Scream (Revised)”, for Oboe Solo_[Sergio Montijano Bares/Robert Walker] / + 9 min
The revised version is dedicated to Montijano Bares

Illusive Miniatures”, for Piano Solo_[Juan Moreno Iglesias] / + 6 min

Monologues of My Pillow (Revised)”, for Trombone Solo and Electronics_[Cem Güngör] / + 12 min

Rebirth”, for Ensemble_Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl.1, Vl.2, Vla, Vc_[Hezarfen Ensemble] / + 12 min

Monologues of My Pillow”, for Trombone Solo and Electronics_[Cem Güngör] / 10:48 min


The Distance Between Me and My..Self”, Duo for Bassoon and Flute_[Cem Önertürk & Ozan Evruk] / + 12 min

Obsession”, for String Quartet_[Hezarfen Ensemble] / + 6 min

Being”, for Ensemble_Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synth, Iranian’s Daf, Iranian’s Santoor, Violin, Singer_[Think Thank Knowledge of Excellence Institution’s Ensemble] / + 7 min


Unbounded Scream”, for Oboe Solo

Fantasy for Chaargah”, for Orchestra

Running Horses”, for Piano Solo

for TV Series & Programs:


Setar (Iranian Instrument) Part for “National TV Program“_[Cooperated with Omid Roshanbin]


Piano Part for “Daaraa va Nadaar” TV Series_[Cooperated with Pirooz Arjmand]