Composer’s Attitude

Cycle, Repetition, Trans-formative Blocks, and the matter of speed in relation to the form of my compositions have always been a part of my concerns as a composer. I believe that humans’ psychology changes at least a few times during their lifespan due to incidents or traumas we experience. Every incident could be the starting point for changing the perception of each person. Some of my compositions are about these changes, whether sudden or gradual, and how they stem from our previous state and in each stage; still, some aspects of the earlier stage(s) can be seen. This seems like a cycle we are always involved in which has different effects leading us to change regularly. It can go on and on but the strongest and deepest effects on our psychology repeat themselves during the cycles. In fact, behaviors might transform from one type to another, but it primarily remains with the same root in its own endless cycle and it could touch all of our emotions, acts, and decisions in life.